Peter West

Web Science PhD Student and Software Engineer, University of Southampton

I research the potential for consumer health tech in clinical settings. My interests are data visualisation, user interface design, and healthcare informatics. I am a full-stack web developer, experienced in Angular, d3, and Node.js.

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My research focuses on the use of modern consumer health technology (such as Fitbits and Apple Watches) by clinicians in their practice. For my PhD, I interviewed clinicians about their experiences with these devices, and together we collaboratively designed a tool for using these patient-generated data in clinical practice.


West et al (2016) research summary
West et al (2018) talk at CHI'18, Montreal



I am the Technical Lead at PInCH Medical Systems, where we develop health technology for the management of chronic diseases. I am an experienced web developer and have published and contributed to several open source projects:

Screenshot of LifeCourse Companion, our flagship product at PInCH Medical Systems Ltd. demonstration