By Peter West • 3rd April 2014 16:59

Originally posted for the
Web Science COMP6051 module, University of Southampton

The name of our social network is

Logo for

There are several motivations behind this name:

  1. It describes our social network. Our social network allows people to go to virtual rooms to discuss real life things. Using a smartphone camera, a person can scan something they’re interested and “leap in it” to interact with others about it.
  2. It’s a short and catchy phrase. Hopefully people will find themselves seeing something and thinking “can I leap in it?”
  3. A domain can be formed from this name. .it is the top level domain for Italy, and as a European organisation, Team Orion is permitted to purchase the domain. We have done so, so will be delivering the social network using this domain in the near future.

Below is the development of our logo for

Logo prototype

And we have also created the following icon:


Logo prototype (PDF)