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Groovy - Peer-Produced Recommendations

Software Engineering Third Year Project

Third year project that involved designing an efficient mobile interface for capturing rationale behind peer-produced recommendations.

Using mobiles to find information online can be a demanding task: the daunting quantity of unrelated or inaccurate information swamps genuinely useful information, making it difficult to find helpful information in situations where the mobile phone is not the primary focus or where time is short. This project investigates a method of forming recommendations from peer-produced information for the purpose of serendipitous discovery or decision support.

As such, this project contributes two sets of findings. The first pertains to a probe study where, through the role-play of participants, we establish what people recommend and why. This allows the forming of a structure for storing the rationale behind a recommendation as metadata. The second relates to the design of a mobile interface, Groovy, for the capturing of rational as structured metadata; namely, how effectively it captures rationale and how it performs compared to existing interfaces. Through a field study of this interface in a photo-tagging game, we consider how such a tool could impact on people’s every-day activities in practice.